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Lilyum Cartoon

Lilyum cartoon , is a prime facial tissues, that contains

150 tissues two ply per box, whose size is 21.5*21cm.


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Lilyum Toilet paper (6*4)

Lilyum Toilet paper (6*4), is prime Toilet paper that

contains, (125 sheets*4) in each bag.


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Lilyum Toilet (1*10)

Lilyum Toilet paper (1*10) , is a prime Toilet paper that

contains , (125 sheets*10) in each bag.



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Lilyum Baby Diaper

We have different size of lilyum Baby which are as follows:

1. lilyum baby (3-5) and contains 48 diapers per bag

2. lilyum baby (6-12) and contains 40 diapers per bag

3. lilyum baby (9-18) and contains 38 diapers per bag

4. lilyum baby (12-25) and contains 34 diapers per bag


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Lilyum Trash bags

Lilyum Trash bags, each bag contain 30 nailon bags medium size , in prime quality and high micromage.



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